Frequently Ask Questions

When does the BD2K Summer UP Program begin and end?

The 2018 BD2K Summer UP program begins on June 25 to August 18, 2018

What is the Genomics Institute?

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute is a research center at the University of California Santa Cruz. Our mission is to unlock the world’s genomic information to drive targeted treatment of diseases. Established in 2014, the Genomics Institute works to empower scientists all over the world to answer questions of disease treatments.

What is the BD2K Summer UP Program?

BD2K Summer UP is an 8-week summer training program to host students from BD2K partner institutions. The UCSC research mentors for the projects and BD2K Center personnel review and place all applicants into appropriate research labs based on the interests and qualifications of the student. Students come from various fields (e.g., computer science, statistics and biology), and work approximately 35-40 hours a week within their designated research lab for the entire 8 weeks. In general, the program provides students with hands-on training in computational biology with a focus on genomic big data.

In order to create an immersive experience, students will live on the UCSC campus for 8 weeks during the summer.  Students will intern with a lab, using big data technologies to help answer a research question. Students learn how to use both our supercomputing cluster (located at the San Diego Supercomputing Center), and systems hosted by commercial cloud vendors, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. 

What responsibilities do students have outside of the lab?

In addition to training students in cutting-edge big data skills, BD2K Summer UP provides professional development and community. Students attend  talks by visiting researchers in the field and    weekly workshops, addressing topics such as scientific writing, career pathways, and presentation skills.

Who is eligible to apply?

At present, only students from our partner institutions – University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, Southern University of Baton Rouge,

and California State University Monterey Bay –  are eligible to apply.

Is prior research experience required?

No, but students should have basic programming skills and the desire to pursue a research-focused career in genomic science.

Do students receive compensation?

Students admitted to the program receive housing, meals, and a comfortable monthly stipend.

My school is on a quarter-based system and will not end until after the start of BD2K Summer UP Program. Can I join the program late?

Because of the intensive nature of this program, all students must begin on the first day of the program and are required to commit to the entire 8 weeks.

I have to be away during some period of the summer. Can I still participate?

Because of the intensive nature of this program, all students must begin on the first day of the program and are required to commit to the entire 8 weeks.

How are research projects assigned?

Research projects are assigned by the individual research labs.

When is the application deadline?

Deadlines are set by the program directors at our partner institutions. Please check with your institution for details.

When will students be notified about selections?

Accepted students will be notified in April prior to the summer in which they will be participating.