Members of the curriculum advisory committee

and their areas of expertise:

Benedict Paten


Director of the BD2K Center for Big Data in Translational Genomics;  Director of Comparative Genomics at the UCSC Genomics Institute.
Dr. Paten has a PhD in computational biology from the University of Cambridge under Dr Ewan Birney. Originally trained as a neuroscientist, his work bridges computer science and genome biology. Since joining UCSC he has mentored undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students, and developed and taught courses for both graduates and undergraduates. As director of BD2K Center for Big Data in Translational Genomics, he is developing a research program aimed at tackling the most challenging questions in computational genomics. These include broad questions of distributed computation, data sharing, provenance and software portability as applied to omics, as well as domain specific questions, such as how to build a comprehensive map of human variation and integrate to improve standard tasks in genomics, like sample imputation.



Professor, Biomolecular Engineering.
Dr. Akeson regularly teaches courses in Bioethics, Mechanics of Biomolecules, and Senior Design in Bioengineering. He is also a member of the curriculum committee for the Department of Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics

Kevin Karplus


Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Biomolecular Engineering; Program Chair and Undergraduate Director, Department of Bioengineering.
Dr. Karplus has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in bioinformatics, signal processing, and technical writing for bioengineering students; he is the recipient of a Sloan Foundation award and has been recognized for his exemplary teaching by the University of California Santa Cruz Center for Teaching Excellence in 2004

Robert Kuhn


Associate Director, UCSC Genome Browser.
Dr. Kuhn has received teaching awards for his course in molecular biology , and has been the Genome Browser education specialist for over 12 years, conducting trainings and workshops on how to use the Browser and its associated bioinformatics tools. In addition to reviewing proposed curriculum enhancements by partner institutions, Dr. Kuhn will provide on-site trainings for faculty and students at partner institutions.

David Haussler


Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomolecular Engineering.
Dr. Haussler teaches graduate level courses on bioinformatics, genomics, computational genomic data analysis, molecular evolution,  and comparative genomics.