Our mentor labs are comprised of leading Big Data genomics scientists who are committed to providing students with hands-on research training in cutting edge technologies.

Students identify research interests and pair with mentors to develop relevant skills and accomplish individualized program benchmarks. Beyond the lab, mentors guide students through a rich curriculum to deepen their scientific understanding and enhance their lab research. Mentors work closely with students to develop original research projects, while providing guidance on career pathways and planning for graduate school or further research training.



Distinguished Professor of Biomolecular Engineering

Scientific Director UCSC Genomics Institute

Research Areas:
Bioinformatics, Genomics, Computational Genomic Data Analysis, Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genomics, Genomic And Clinical Data Sharing and Standards, Cancer Genomics, Neurodevelopment, Stem Cell Research, Immunogenomics, Information Theory, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Information Theory, Theoretical Computer Science


Associate Professor
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Genomics Institute
Director of Evolutionary Genomics Co-PI
Paleogenomics Lab

Research Areas:
Molecular Evolution, Genome Evolution, Ancient DNA


Department of Biomolecular Engineering, Genomics Institute
Director of Cancer & Stem Cell Genomics

Research Areas:
Systems Biology, Cancer Genomics


Assistant Professor
Department of Biomolecular Engineering
Co-PI Paleogenomics

Research Areas:
Genomics, Computational Molecular Biology, Genome Assembly, Human Evolutionary Genetics, Ancient Dna, High-throughput Sequencing, mRNA-processing and Alternative Splicing


Assistant Professor
Department of Biomolecular Engineering

Research Areas:
Computational Biology, RNA Splicing, Genomics, Cancer, High-throughput Sequencing Analysis


Biomolecular Engineering

Research Areas:
DNA Structure And Dynamics, DNA Sequencing, Sequential Analysis Of Single Proteins, Bioethics, Nanopore Technology, Epigenetics


Professor & Vice Chair
Department of Biomolecular
Engineering Program Chair 
Undergraduate Director
Department of Bioengineering
Undergraduate Director Bioinformatics

Research Areas:
Nanopore Signal Processing, Machine Learning, And Statistics


Associate Research Scientist
BD2K Center for Big Data in Translational Genomics
Director of Comparative GenomicsUCSC Genomics Institute

Research Areas:
Computational Genomics